Let’s face it January is a long old month, trying to make a pre-Christmas paycheck stretch for nearly six weeks. Luckily, there are other ways to make a few more banknotes on the side if need be. A great way to raise some more funds is by turning your new year’s spring clean into a cash cow. Read on to find out how to successfully sell your unwanted items online so you have a little beer money in time for the weekend – after all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

1. Sort Out Your Stuff

Not everything you own will sell. Sometimes junk is just junk, however, you may have a few valuables you have forgotten about or no longer need. Sort out your stuff into piles. Trash, recycle, donate, keep or sell. Anything that is broken beyond repair should be sold or recycled. Anything that is still in good nick but isn’t worth much can be donated, anything that you love can be kept and the rest can be sold. In your sell pile, you want items that are still good and generally popular with others so you have a buying audience. Electronics that are in good working condition are usually high-value items so these are ideal to stick on the sell pile.

2. Price Competitively

Although you want to make the maximum money, it’s better to price your items reasonably. You may feel as though it is worth a lot but have a quick browse and see what others are selling similar items for. Why not throw in free shipping so buyers feel as though they’re getting a bargain? If you’re in the Phoenix area, local Arizona couriers can be competitive so you can afford to shoulder delivery costs. Everyone has the world at their fingertips these days and they are one quick click away from finding the same item you’re selling but much cheaper elsewhere if you’re not careful. Also, be prepared to haggle. Online purchasers like to get a good deal, so have your wits about you and be ready to show off your negotiation skills.

3. Take Good Quality Images and Videos

Never underestimate the power of a photo. You’re not holding a yard sale where people can see the item up close and give it a good once over, you’re selling through a screen so it’s your job to convey how great your stuff is just with an image. Make sure your room is well lit, either with natural daylight or set up lighting around the product (even if that means your partner has to stand there with their phone torch!). Take the photo in front of a plain background and try and avoid any reflection from your camera’s flash or reflections of yourself – you don’t want your distorted form messing up the picture!

Videos are a fantastic way of showing off your goods in more detail. If you’re selling some clothing pop it on and do a few poses (if you can bear it!) so that potential buyers can see how it fits and moves when it’s being worn.

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