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3 Reasons Business Is Booming In Melbourne

Business Is Booming


For many admirers from afar, just whispering the name of Victoria’s state capital conjures up images from the classic soap Neighbours.

Residents of the show’s fictionalised Ramsay Street neighbourhood materialise like magic before our eyes – from trailblazing female mechanic Charlene to her childhood crush Scott and hapless Joe Mangel to his harridan mother Nel.

And who could forget Bouncer the dog – and the mind-bending and life-affirming episode shot entirely from his canine point of view?

But for native Melburnians, the city means much more than merely the filing location of a superb soap opera. It’s the place where they live and work – and luckily, in many metrics it’s thriving.

So whether you’re moving to Melbourne or already in residence and simply want to spend a while bathing in the reflection of its brilliance, here are three reasons business is booming.

  1. Financial services

When it comes to managing money, Melbourne’s financial services market is mature, diverse and sophisticated.

The sector employs 115,000 Victorians and accounts for 11 per cent of the gross state product, making it the largest contributor to the state economy.

NAB and ANZ, two of Australia’s global banks, are headquartered in Melbourne, and it’s also home to six of Australia’s top eight superannuation funds, including AustralianSuper, the nation’s largest.

  1. Healthcare

Melbourne is also at the heart of the healthcare industry Down Under, with a wide range of excellent services to help citizens live their best lives and a clutch of organisations contributing to global wellbeing innovations.

The primary healthcare provision is strong, with a great network of GPs dentists and pharmacists, and there are over 200 public and private hospitals across the city and state, including the renowned Royal Melbourne Hospital.

But there are also a range of aged care providers, mental health support services and family support projects in the mix.

  1. Transport sector

If you work as a supplier, customer service professional or project planner in the public transport industry, there’s an excellent chance that your skills are in demand in Melbourne.

Melbourne Airport is well-appointed with parking providers like and eateries like Abel Baker Charlie, while rail, tram and bus services ship citizens around the city with ease.

And looking to the future, this sector is set to expand further, with the evolution of emerging transport technologies like ride sourcing apps, GPS connected public bicycles and electric vehicles.

So there you have them – three reasons that business is booming in Melbourne.

Whether you want to emigrate there from abroad or are looking for a new geographical territory for your global investment portfolio, there are countless reasons that it’s worth consideration.

And last but not least, if you’re a fellow Neighbours fan, you can book a tour of the show’s Melbourne filming location at – enjoy!

That’s it! Please share your own thoughts on Melbourne business in the comments section.

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