15 Houseplants for Bringing Health & Wealth to Your Abode

The decoration is important for bringing style to your abode along with comfort and functionality. It is a long process involving consideration of tiny aspects. While the process of decorating your abode is thrilling, bringing health and wealth is equally needed. Plants are the best decor example in this case. They are soothing to watch and refreshing to breathe, when present in the surroundings.

Nowadays, there are ample options available for decorating your house with plants and the right selection and choice of it can enhance the beauty of the house. This article shares some of the ideas for house plants that bring health and wealth to your abode. Take the guide:


  1. Exotica Collection- This pack of three most exotic plants- Sago Palm, Bromeliads, and ZZ plant bring pleasing vibes around the house. They are essentially effortless and commands attention among other plants.
  2. Mini Allusion Pack- A combo of different species of Syngonium plant forms this pack. They are fast-growing plants and are best suitable for use, as a table-top plant.
  3. Air Purifier Combo- It is a pack of 3 air purifying plants in painted, green pots. Growing these in your surroundings is the easiest way of breathing fresh air all day.
  4. Exotic 5 Roses Pack- A combo of 5-colored fresh Rose plants. These fresh plant species maintain positive energy and purity in the surrounding.
  5. Oxygen Boosting Collection- A pack of 5 oxygen giving plants potted in a terrarium shaped vessel, is great for refreshing the air. It is one of the best decor items for increasing health values.
  6. Charming Champa- A creative potted Champa plant is valued for its special perfumed aroma. The aroma adds coolness to the healthy air, giving our body a sense of calmness.
  7. Ace Combo- A combo of most common house plants- Jade plant and Spider plant, placed in different colorful pots. They are the plants of fortune involving low maintenance and high values.
  8. Auspicious Plants- It consists of a pack of two medicinal valued plants- Hibiscus and Khejri tree potted plants. They have high medicinal importance and are considered rich to grow inside Indian houses.
  9. Devil’s Ivy- An English Ivy grew in a metallic pot, maintaining a healthy environment around you. Moreover, growing Ivy helps remove benzene found in plastics and also control formaldehyde from carpets and paint.
  10. Cacti Combo- It involves a pack of 3 rare small Cactus species. These plants are creative in appearance and are specialized in growing on their own, involving no maintenance.
  11. Organic Aloe Vera Pot- Aloe Vera plant grown in a beautifully hand-painted designer pot. Its organic value brings prosperity to our surroundings. Moreover, extracting the gel from its leaves is used as a beauty-enhancing agent.
  12. Combo of Luck (2-layer Bamboo Plant)- A 2-layered Bamboo plant potted in a marble colored pot, bringing beauty to the surroundings. This plant is an expression of love and is also said to double your luck.
  13. Mini Succulent Garden- A beautiful metallic hanging potted plant attached with the metal robes, preferably designed for growing succulent plants for your balcony. These plants grow fast and easily.
  14. Aesthetic and Medicinal Combo- The group of available Online Medicinal plants in India for example Tulsi and Aloe Vera species can be included in this combo.
  15. Majesty Palm Grower Pot- This is ideal for a whole room collection with a colorful planter, best suitable for your balcony of the house.

These are some of the amazing deals when you are looking forward to decorating your house with plants and bringing health and wealth to your abode. They are easy to grow and involve low maintenance, bringing beauty to your house.