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11 Effective Tips to Boost Engagement on Instagram

Instagram can be your gateway to a wider audience. Marketing enthusiasts consider it the best platform to promote your brand, gain a massive following and target audience effectively to grow your business. But, with its ultra-smart algorithm and plenty of competition on the channel, it is getting difficult to cope with the rival brands.

Most importantly, engagement issues have been increased than before. According to a web design agency New York 13% of the world’s population uses Instagram and 80% of this population follows brands. So, it’s fine to feel overwhelmed when your engagement is declining.

We have compiled 11 effective tips for you to try and skyrocket engagement on your profile!

1. Post Visually Consistent Content

Instagram is all about visual content and it will probably stay like this in the near future. So, you need to be more focused on the quality of your photos. Glossy perfection is now taken as an old trend.

Nowadays, the users are automatically drawn to distinct perspectives and authentic expression. To achieve this, experts recommend using candid shots, minor edits with muted or earthy tones. So, the days when high-saturation filters and perfectly positioned objects used to grab attention are long gone.

You can still opt for any editing style. But, to keep followers engaged with your feed, you must build a visually consistent content. It needs to resonate with your brand identity and attract your audience.

2. Use Stories Stickers

Instagram has been coming up with interesting ways so that brands can engage with their followers. One way to maintain engagement on your profile is to create fun Instagram stories using stickers.

These stickers can help you improve as a brand. Various stickers like quiz or question ones are designed to communicate with followers; you can also ask their opinion and experiences.

3. Find Relevant Hashtags

When it comes to adding hashtags to your posts, make sure to use the trending and industry-related ones. You can research hashtags and look for the following:

If you are producing similar content, you can incorporate it in your post as well for maximum engagement.

4. Don’t forget to add Location

If you have been ignoring the location step, start doing it now. The easiest and quickest way to improve engagement on your feed is to incorporate location in each post. Your posts with location have higher chances of engagement.

For example, if you make a story while attending an event in a certain city, you can insert the location sicker. This way, your story will pop up in the location’s stories for other followers to watch and explore your feed.

5. Repost Popular Content

Look at your post’s insights and study which posts have been performing well on your feed. Don’t hesitate to repost those posts on your stories and encourage your followers to share it on their stories. This way, a new set of followers can find your page and eventually bring engagement.

6. Develop a Specific Hashtag

If you have been using Instagram solely for marketing, creating a specific or branded hashtag would be beneficial for you. For example, you can think about a short, recognizable hashtag with your brand name in any form. #Colorpopme from Color pop cosmetics can be a good example to take inspiration.

7. Tell Your Brand Story

To create authentic content, don’t shy from telling the honest, raw and vulnerable part of the business. Give your audience something that lets you connect with them on the emotional level. Your authenticity will ultimately bring impressive engagement. Thereby, you can share struggles on bad days along with achievements and everything lesson worthy in between to create a stronger bond.

8. Write Detailed Captions

Earlier, one-liner with one or more emojis would work as a caption. If you were in the same boat, you need to abandon this practice and focus on your providing details. Instagram allows caption limit up to 2,200 characters long. But, you don’t have to write 1k words in every post.

A well-crafted informative caption is what you need to boost engagement. When you start writing, ask yourself why you want to share this post, how is it going to help people or does it value your follower’s life? Once you know the answers to questions like these, you will come up with a captivating caption.

9. Share Videos

Your followers might not be interested in reading paragraphs. But, no one can ignore to a fun yet informative video. A video is a fun way to deliver valuable content. You can make how-to videos, share behind-the-scenes, etc for engagement on your feed. Plus, Instagram offers several video formats that make video sharing handy and effective at the same time.

10. Maintain Consistency

Make sure to devise a posting schedule and stick to it. No one wants to follow a page that posts on rare occasions. When you post regularly, your feed stays fresh and your followers receive constant doses of information. Consistent posting is also an ultimate way to grab the attention of users who haven’t followed your page yet.

To make the most of your posting, it’s necessary to learn the Instagram algorithm. The algorithm tells you when your followers are most active. So, you can make a new Instagram post accordingly.

11. Go Live

The live feature on Instagram is the best option to get instant engagement. When you have a special announcement, you need to reveal a new product or service or you want to interact with the audience, going live can do wonders for your feed.

Most importantly, IGTV takes 4x space on the explore page. If your live session makes it to the explore page, you are going to get more eyes on it than photo posts.

Final Thought

Instagram offers interesting features that ensure elevated engagement. You only need to find what works best for you to get the attention your page deserves.

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