Everyone needs family, and everyone fights with each other. A few conflicts and disagreements are part of every family’s dynamic. However, a few families are quite dysfunctional. These patterns are extremely unhealthy and lead to trauma and disturbance in families. Having a family whose dynamics are unhealthy can disrupt your life. It can interfere with your work, too. Have you noticed how much your work suffers when there is tension in your family? To succeed in life or at work, you should strive for a better family dynamic. For this, you can try these steps:

Remove the TV from the living areas.

TV surely entertains us, but it also stops us from having real communication. Families watch TV together during mealtimes. It is not right because you might be sitting together but are in the present. You mindlessly watch TV and maybe talk about the show or a few other things. But you are not having any deep conversation, which is necessary. Communication is always good, allowing us to be close to our families and discuss issues.

Have at least one meal together.

You should eat at least one meal together every day, or you can do it once a week. Cook or order food that everyone likes. Eating together will give you all an incentive to sit down and talk. You don’t have to get into all your issues with each other. Just ask each other what you did today and how your day went. This way, you know what is happening with each family member.

Go see a therapist.

Some families have deep issues, but they also love each other deeply. However, these issues can hinder communication and lead to more problems. It even makes it challenging to communicate with each other. If this continues, things will only get worse, which can lead to more problems. It can even break families apart. If you do not wish this upon yourself, start family counseling. Life support counselling can help improve family dynamics and get communication flowing.

Stop overexposing kids to technology.

The harsh truth is that overexposing kids to gadgets and TV neglect them. The time you spend watching TV should be used to bond with them using other methods. Just paint with them or do any activity that engages them. Overexposing kids to screens or gadgets is harmful. It also lessens your bond with them.

Forgive each other.

Families get on each other’s nerves. It is true, but if you keep holding on to past mistakes and hurt, you will never have a good family relationship. Therefore, forgiving each other is crucial. When you forgive, you communicate and move forward. That is so necessary for having a bond. No family is perfect; remember that. But forgiving each other is essential, if not for them, then for your peace.

Cut off, toxic family members.

Family does not end with blood or start with it. It can also be a family member you choose. So, if people in your family are toxic, you should cut them off. Having happy and positive people in your life is crucial. If someone is only adding to the trauma or negativity in your life, cutting ties with them is an ideal solution.

Allow mistakes

Whether it is your parents, kids, or siblings, allow them to make mistakes. People learn only from their mistakes. If you are always after them for doing things their way, especially if the outcome isn’t in their favor, things will take a bad turn. Therefore, allowing them to make mistakes and supporting them to heal from them is necessary.

Show affection for a healthy dynamic.

Showing affection to your family members is necessary. For some families, it may mean healing from past mistakes or trauma. Others might not need it. However, showing affection, especially between parents and children, is crucial in both cases.

Set boundaries

Are you someone who lets people walk all over you? If yes, you need to set boundaries. Each family member must set boundaries with family. Otherwise, you can never heal or have a good relationship. Setting boundaries is also essential to healing or protecting yourself from unhealthy relationships.

Do not try to solve all their problems.

A caring family lets people solve their problems. Giving unsolicited advice, taking charge of their issues, or not letting them feel their emotions is bad. It doesn’t help them, but it can worsen your dynamics.


Without the love and support of your family, having a happy life is impossible. Without the best dynamics, your health also suffers. You can experience depression, liver disease, and other health conditions. It creates tension in the family, leading to aggressive behavior in adolescence. So, use the above tips to have a better family dynamic.