Normally, Human resource development aims at building a good human workforce, so the goals of the organization can be achieved in the best way possible. Human capital is a center of attention. It is recognized, that to achieve maximum productivity out of certain organizations, the focus should be on the development of the employees themselves, and rest will fall into its place. So, coaching, mentoring, employee career development, and employee training of the employees of an organization, which may even extend to outplacement support, is taken care of well. That is the reason why in contemporary world organizations, HR is recognized as an essential position for the training and guidance of the employees working in an organization.

But along with that, the employees have a certain power over their own productivity, which can only be made evident if the employees will show the will. In 2020, many things have changed. The whole work sphere shifted from office cabins to home. Work from home or meetings over video calls are a way to go now. This ever-changing ways to work should be well adopted by employees if they aim at being a good employee.

Technology keeps on progressing with every single day, and the pace with which the employees used to work before are transformed by inculcating the new technologies. These technologies never remain stagnant. Along with that, the learning or training process, which is meant to be done by the human resource development is being made quicker and easier by this very technology. At one hand, the organization has employees and they have to train and develop them to maximize their productivity, and on the other hand is ever-progressing technology, which keeps on adding up new ways which can be used to enhance the learning and training methods and eventually the productivity of an organization. These ever-changing technologies should be grasped by the employees to stay relevant.

Here are 10 simple ways, through which an employee can actually become better in 2020.

1) Setting Boundaries At Work Place

First of all, the employees have to understand that being reluctant to someone at the workplace is not always a career suicide. At times, it is needed when the person is really affecting the quality of your work or disturbing your peace of mind. Also, saying ‘no’ at workplaces is not always a bad option. As it will keep you away from the stress that might hinder you from the productivity that you can achieve out of your daily tasks. It also applies to work from home employees, as they might not get involved with too much of overburdening workload and loses the quality of their regular work.

2) Regular Breaks

Employees should consider that rest time actually boast up the mind to perform better. It is better to work with breaks in between, than working continuously. This way, the mind finds enough time to process everything and utilize time to settle for new processings. Working continuously slows down the brain, and brings down the quality of the work.

3) Incorporate Balance

Too much excessive amount of effort can lead to a complete deprivation of motivation and fatigue at the end. This condition of ‘work burnout behavior’ is extremely dangerous. Setting boundaries between work life and personal life is the wisest thing, any employees can include in his overall lifestyle. This will keep you steady and satisfied with your work, and as well make you a better employee. The yeat 2028 has come already with a bleak line of boundary between work life and personal life, which should be highly taken into consideration.

4) Practice Mindfulness

Maintaining peace of mind is necessary. Most of the employees are working through screens nowadays. Which can be stressful more than ever before. 2020 is the time when the meditational practices are very much relevant owing to the fact that employees are working from homes. Deep breaths, yoga, etc stimulate positive thoughts.

5) Stay Away From Toxicity

Co-workers or at times bosses can be toxic, and they can spoil the whole working environment for you. Also, they can impact in a very negative manner upon the employees’ productivity. It is wise to recognize such kind of people. So the negativity can be kept at bay for as long as one can. But at times, they harm the employees’ mental health. That’s why it is very important to recognize them beforehand.

6) Set Reasonable Schedule

The schedule set should be appropriate. It should not be ideal rather real. Set the targets and goals that you can really achieve without overburdening yourself. At times, impossible deadlines meant to impress bosses backfires with instant burn out of the employee. Which disturbed the quality as well as the whole motivation at workplaces.

7) Stay Away From Procrastination

Wasting away time by chit-chatting with co-workers over useless topics eats your time away. Procrastination in any way never proved fruitful in any way. Rather it has always damaging effects. It makes the mind restless, because of the presence of constant guilt. Also, it delays the project completion date, as even when the work is completed, but when it is late, the employee rarely finds a sense of achievement in it.

8) Prioritize Sleep Time

To feel a hundred percent at work the next day, it important to get that 7-8 hours of sleep each night. In 2020, under the pandemic, people usually don’t have to travel to offices, but still, sleep remains one of the priorities. Without a proper sleeping schedule, the mind of the employee will never come up with innovative ideas, which are helpful in enhancing productivity and making the employee a better one.

9) Recognize Your Weak Spots

Whether you’re not a pro at technology, or you’re not good enough at anything related to work. Recognize that. Work over it. Learn in the process, and then make it work for you. Without acknowledging the problems, the solutions can never be found. So, it is extremely necessary to first recognize, what actually is hindering the way for you to become a better employee.

10) Don’t Leave Things Unfinished

Multi-tasking can be fascinating, and in the process, one often loses the direction and gets so exhausted that the employee ends up with plenty of unfinished projects, while he has started many of them thinking he/she would complete them. Take every task one by one. And make it a habit to note down every completed task. This way you will want to reward yourself every time you complete a project, and that will keep you away from multiple projects hanging in middle.

Author Bio: Nida Khattak is a researcher, content writer, and columnist, currently working with Coding Pixel.