Today, every organisation is seen adopting various techniques to generate high-quality leads. This involves cold calls, email campaigns and text campaigns. Being a top-ranking digital marketing company in India, we believe that regular marketing activities like running email campaigns or PPC ad campaigns might get you a few leads, but that won’t be enough for you to make conversions. One thing every marketer needs to understand is that the aim should be to generate high quality of leads, rather than just high volumes.

So, I have curated a few strategic tips that will help you set up an effective lead generation campaign and generate a good response.

10 tips to follow for improving lead generation campaigns

  1. Optimize Your Customer Database: Your contact database is your biggest resource! For new leads, for return business and for everything. Therefore, optimizing and managing the customer database is one of the easiest ways to get more out of each contact and target them effectively, in order to improve the quality of the campaigns. There is a possibility that a high-value customer, who was out of your radar for quite some time, may now be instantly reachable because of the optimized contact database.
  2. Allocate Marketing Channels as Per Business Type: As a marketer, you need to employ a unique marketing channel to connect with various customers. For a B2B organisation, you need to develop a formal communication through channels like Email & Content marketing, SEO, LinkedIn, etc. Whereas, for a B2C customer, you can think of a more casual/conversation tone for developing the communication material and disseminate it through channels like Instagram, Snapchat, Magazines etc.
  3. Inbound Customer Services: Inbound targets are the easiest ones to convert. So why not set up a full-fledged service for them in order to make it easier for them to trust your services and invest their budgets right away! Inbound call and email centres or teams can be set up to work specifically on customers who have already shown an interest in your business. As the customer already knows a lot about your company, therefore it becomes an easier task to convince them to invest in your product and services.
  4. Refine Buyer Personas: Improving your ability to target specific customers is key in the process of lead generation. As every campaign begins with creating buyer personas, you can keep on improving them using research-based representations of your customers or prospects, new demographics, titles or roles, pain points, and goals. This allows you to empower marketing teams with a better insight on various customer segments. It also helps creative teams keep coming up with the right communication every time, as per the evolving personas.
  5. Strategize Your Keyword Bank: All searches start with keywords and are probably all keywords. This is a critical aspect of your campaign as they determine who you will get in front of, what ad copy needs to be written and which landing pages you should use. Strategizing on your keyword bank is one the of the most essential things to do in digital marketing and can surely set you on track to engaging with some high-value leads. Try targeting specific keywords more for B2B customers.  This will help you identify targets from the right niches.
  6. Feedback Loop: Your marketing department and sales department cannot operate in siloes. When your marketing team is forwarding leads to your sales teams, they need to know what happens to those leads and how they are being handled by the sales reps. This communication between teams is crucial to assess lead quality and optimize lead campaigns accordingly. That’s why there needs to be a continuous feedback loop between the 2 teams so that assessment can be done in real-time using relevant data. Also, marketing teams will be able to send more information to sales teams, such as additional lead intelligence.
  7. Using Automation Software: Automating the basic steps in the nurturing and scoring of your leads is a great way to minimize manpower wasted on mundane low-value tasks and focus all your resources on high-value activities. Automation also makes it easier to scale your sales workflows.
  8. Customized Landing Page: As you have already segmented your target audiences into various groups and targeting them with different messages/creatives, it behoves you to build customized landing pages for different ad campaigns. This helps in sparking an interest in the consumer, as he/she will be directed to specific chunks of information that are relevant to him/her.
  9. Use Remarketing: Using remarketing for search ads can help improve lead quality as well. Consider only the users who have visited the target pages on your website i.e. users who have not visited any pages like careers or employment section of the site, as these are the type of users you most likely are trying to avoid. As a provider of PPC services in India, we always recommend this to our clients.
  10.  Integrate Chatbots: Chatbot is the go-to tool used by most of the organisations these days to engage the customer visiting the website for a longer duration time, significantly increasing the session time of the website.                                                                            Chatbots can help initiate a conversation, generate inquiries and even bring in a lead, as it keeps the conversation going between the customer and you when an agent is unavailable. Therefore, implementing chatbot services along with call centre services in lead generation practices can boost the customer engagement rate.

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