Here, you will learn how you can viral your video on YouTube within a short time. You can get these significant points in the step by step procedure.

Let’s go.

Optimize Your Videos:

There is no doubt that YouTube SEO is enormous.

The primary issue is:

Many keywords on YouTube are competitive keywords.

If you have a small content, then it becomes tough to shine among the big guys.

A simple solution to overcome this issue is to optimize your videos by trending keywords.

Here’s the matter:

Type a phrase on the YouTube search bar. Then notice the suggested keywords or latest search words on YouTube.

You can also find free online tools from Google to get the exact keyword for your content. Keywords are the first step to promote your video. If your video has a rich keyword, then your video hikes on YouTube quickly.

Promote Upcoming Post:

YouTube community tab is the perfect and underrated tab to promote your next new videos. You just make a post that delivers why people look at your videos. 

For example, raise a question to your viewers in the YouTube community tab: what’s the point you are struggling with? 

Many viewers give replies to your excellent questions. 

If your most common answer would be traffic, then make a video about traffic with good content. And share with your viewers about your next video topic.

Excite them by revealing the topic: how to grasp more targeted traffic to your content?

And also share the scheduling time. It creates more excitement for the audience to know about the tricky factor from your content. It will raise your engagements automatically.

Promotion Tools:

Every YouTube channel provides three video promotion tools freely.

Most of the users don’t know about these factors and the advantages of these great tools.

If you need to make your videos trend, spend some time with these free tools, which give you a great result.

  • YouTube End Screens: 

It is a terrible way to promote other videos from your channel and boost your channel’s subscribers count.

  • Cards:

YouTube cards are not as compelling as end screens, but you can send your best content for the viewers.

  • Watermark:

Add a brand watermark button in every video that you post. It helps your channel to increase the subscribers count easily.

Promote Your Videos On Q&A Sites and Forums:

Q&A sites (like Quora), Forums, Reddit are the best platforms to promote and boost your videos. 


People often visit these sites for typically two main reasons:

  1. To know about the new topic
  2. To get answers to their questions.

Your video can get help from these two things to promote. For example, if you uploaded a new video about bikers. You need to refer where bike riders would search for a search content about bikers.

Then, share your biker’s video in that community.

Don’t just drop the link of the video. Also, give an outline of your video topic where the community gets to know about your content. Answer all the questions raised by the viewers and engage in the conversation.

Build Your Video’s Click Through Rate:

Your video’s CTR (Click Through Rate) is essential for two main logics.

  • Logic #1

For example, if your video stands at position three on YouTube search, and has CTR of 4%, the only thing you need to do is bump up your CTR to 10%. You will get 2.5x more views without doing anything to your videos.

  • Logic #2

Your CTR will be taken as a ranking factor by the YouTube network. 

In the YouTube creator’s studio, they state that: The more exciting people show in your videos, the more likely they are to be recommended across YouTube.

Here are excellent ways that tends your videos to stand out:

  • Create compelling, eye-catching thumbnails for your videos.
  • Make sure that your video thumbnail and the title work together.
  • Write attractive titles

Focus On The First Day:

In YouTube promotion, the first 24 hours are more important after the video goes live on the network.

That’s why YouTube tends to promote new and popular videos on the user’s homepage.

Share The Videos On Social Media:

Social media are the best networks to promote YouTube videos. Sharing your new videos on social media platforms will bring you the best results on YouTube (more engagements).

If you post just the video link on social media like Facebook, it will spam your post. So, there is a simple solution to overcome this issue on social media. 

     The Video Preview.

First, pick 30 – 45 seconds of your video. This clip should be more informed about your content and creates more excitement. Then, share that clip on social media as a post.

Link to your video content as the first comment in the comment section and pin it. If your clip is good, it encourages the people to see the whole video, and it tends to increase your engagements.

Send Your New Videos To Email Subscribers:

It is excellent to promote YouTube videos on social media. If you need huge eyeballs on your stunning videos, email plays a significant role in getting more traffic to your videos.

Here’s the way.

First, write an exciting newsletter that delivers how vital your content is! And say how your video helps out the people and link your video. 

Now, there are two possible ways in the newsletter to link your video:

  1. Direct the people to the homepage of YouTube.
  2. Embed your stunning video in the blog. And send the people to the blog post. 

Mostly, YouTuber’s send the people directly to the YouTube video.

You can gain more views, likes, comments, and more engagements in a simple manner.

Re-Optimize The Old Videos:

Most people create super content and upload it on YouTube and give replies to every viewer’s comment for a few days and forget that video.

It’s superb to collect more engagements by re-optimizing your old videos on YouTube. You can even create and upload transcripts. This will make each video more easily accessible and searchable. Using a YouTube transcript generator, you can speed up and simplify this process.

Interact With Other Channels:

Find a channel from your niche that has equal subscribers count (accept the slight varies). Then, make excellent video content for that channel. 

This approach can bring your video more new visitors. Publishing your glorious video on another channel is likely for people to get to your profile and do more engagements.

You create a format about the collaboration and send to the channel:

  • Mention the reasons why they need to collaborate with you
  • Types of video content you will make for them
  • Why their audience needs your video
  • A timeline and schedule of sending the guest video

If you have lovely and unique content, if their audience would accept your post, they will take your collaboration.

These are the best methods to raise your engagements on YouTube. It looks like a simple point, but it takes long days to achieve. Have you heard about buying cheap YouTube likes anywhere? It is the only way to viral your video within a short time. Do the research and make use of it.