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10 Artificial Intelligence Tools That Are Integral to the B2B Sales World

Artificial Intelligence has made a drastic change in every field in the last few years. Still, it is incorporating something new every day. Every small company has started using AI for their day to day tasks. Do you know 64% of B2B marketers consider AI valuable for their sales and marketing strategy?

Small scale businesses are also making use of AI-based sales tools. In this article, we will discuss ten artificial Intelligence tools that are integral to the b2b sales world. By 2020, 30% of all B2B companies will employ artificial intelligence (AI).

  Why use AI-based sales tools?

  AI-based sales tools are used as they:-

Top 10 AI-based Sales tools

Owler: Better Data tracker

With the help of Owler, you can get insights on the prospect’s uplevel social listening. To find new prospects, discover and research new companies, and get new modified data, Owler works effectively. Owler is used by tech-savvy people, sales professionals, and marketers.

 This tool can carry appropriate sales based decisions. You can get strategy based news alerts. Moreover, you can easily track those companies which are really significant for your business. Those companies are quite challenging to discover and can be uncovered with this AI tool. Leads Finder: Acquire Quality Leads

If you want to acquire leads in your B2B sales world, then leads filter is a useful AI tool that helps you. These leads can become valuable customers in the future. Here you can gather data about your ideal client’s profile. This tool gathers the details and matches the leads depending upon your profile. Then you can acquire new leads every month in your dashboard in the spreadsheet. Many B2B makes use of a Finder tool for building a list of precise contact data. This data can be used further to make decisions.

Bigtincan: Sell Smarter with Sales Enablement AI Tool

The prominent role of Bigtincan is to drive client satisfaction. This tool is deployed as the learning management and sales enablement tool. You can accomplish all the selling based tasks smartly with Bigtincan. With the help of this tool, you can achieve:- Better Way to do Sell Better

This AI tool is used for creating AI-powered experiences. is used for accelerating the sales process. The intuitive online learning resources are available here to excel in sales. With this tool’s help, you can find, collate, and harness data of customers around ERP platforms. Moreover, you can perform daily tasks in a better way.

Highspot: Enhance Sales Team Performance

When you use this AI-based sales tool, you can add more value to sales than your competitors. For accomplishing sales based tasks and improving the performance of sales, then Highspot is a great tool to use. With this tool, you get site audit and competitive analysis.

 It gives an insight into both prospects and clients. The cloud-based software tool is created for providing enterprise-ready sales in modern design. Easy down Work, Close More Deals is an excellent tool for automating email search, LinkedIn outreach, and personalizing emails and calls. This easy to set up tool is very much affordable than others. You can use this for lead discovery and campaign evaluation. Moreover, it provides the privilege of getting leads from Linkedin. tool can assist you in focusing on closing the really valuable deals.

Affinity Atlas: Augmenting Sales Velocity

For accelerating the existing already present b2b opportunities, affinity atlas can be used. By using Affinity Atlas, you break into strategic accounts, multi-threaded deals. With this tool, you can easily find influencers’ accounts faster and then mapping accounts using more tactics. You can connect with the people that you already know. Simple and Scalable Solutions

If you want to engage with your customers, then is an excellent tool. With this tool, you can engage with your customers by using storytelling. People are easily impressed with the story. This is helpful for recording, transcribing, and examining the business conversations. With this tool, it is quickly analyzed what factors can increase the performance rate. can quickly identify the best performers.

Seismic: Deliver interactive Buyer Experiences

The cloud-based AI tool is used for creating an interactive customer experience. Many famous global companies like PayPal, American Express, and Quest Diagnostics make use of Seismic. For making more money and increasing customer satisfaction, Seismic works effectively. It can upload large files very quickly. It can easily customize content by deploying the live docs functionality.

INK: Deploy for Optimizing Your B2B Content for Search

If the content of your website is right, then nothing can stop you from excelling in online business. Content and SEO marketing both are suitable components of getting B2B leads as well as sales. So make sure your content is of high quality.

With the help of INK, you can grab the information of your content like you can examine whether your content is optimized or not. Do you know, AI provides the text editor. When you write on the editor of INK, the researchers of INK, check out your competition. It gives you relevant suggestions to improve organic traffic. Also, you can get the relevancy score.

Final Thoughts

Automation can ease down various processes. In business, many decisions have to be taken daily. These decisions have been structured or eased down with the help of AI-based sales tools. Marketers are harnessing AI for shaping the advertising industry. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence in sales is increasing by four-folds.

The worth of this market would be $9.88 billion in the year 2022. Here in this blog, we have discussed ten artificial intelligence tools integral to the b2b sales world. We hope this article works for you. In case you feel any query, ask us by commenting below.

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